I Am Thankful for Essential Oils

I am thankful for following my intuition. When I first signed up with doTerra, I thought, this will be fun, maybe I will learn a few things.

I am not totally sure how to explain how much I am falling in love with my oils! I look for ways to use them every single day. I carry them with me everyday. I read about them everyday. I love them everyday.

Educating myself on the topic of holistic healing is opening a new chapter in my life and I could not be more thankful. I am loving what I am learning. I am making oils a priority in my life.

I just received this new book and this sums up what I am feeling...

"Nature works holistically...and so do we. When nature touches one area of your life, you can feel it in many other areas. Essential oils demonstrate this in a big way. I believe that aromatherapy is a gateway into a broader understanding of traditional healing, and a path toward heathy living." ~ Andrea Butje, The Heart of Aromatherapy

Getting back to more natural ways of healing and taking care of our beautiful bodies is so appealing to me. I am loving this process and way of life.

If you have any questions or would like some information, message me. I'd love to have you on this journey with me. ūüíõ

~Amy xo

Two Resolutions for me in 2017!

Happy New Year Beautiful!

2017....Bring it ON!

How many years have you spent sitting down on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day and written a list of your new year goals??? 

If you are like me...every year, right?!

Well, of course I still want to lose weight, make more money, improve my relationships, go on a nice vacation, read more etc. All those goals are in check and being worked on but...

This year I am making two changes that will give me more time for all of these things (above list) to manifest into my life; I am not keeping my phone by my bed during the night and I am getting up and out of bed at the same time (earlier) everyday (with the exception of a few weekend days here and there.)

I love my phone. It keeps me connected and it keeps me entertained. It makes it so I can escape for hours at a time, if I let myself. Sometimes, that is okay, everyday and night (into the wee hours of the mornings too) is not okay.

I resolve to connect more in real life. Phone calls, emails, date nights (sans phone,) handwritten letters, and just in general, phone free.

Will I still use my phone everyday? Yes, I use it to connect with people I am building professional relationships with, I use it to life coach, I use it to decorate my social media feeds, to stay connected with my teenagers, but I know I have that phone in my hand far too often. So that stops now.

These two things are going to change my life and I am ready for all the crazy beautiful manifesting that will come from just tweaking things a bit.

How about you? Are you really ready to make 2017 different? Share with me how you are going to do it. What are you willing to do to finally achieve the life you want?

Live now! Make changes now. Start now. Life is happening now.

Sending you love,


Forgive ~ Part of my Life & Essential Oil Journey

Hey Sweet Buttercup...

Forgiveness. It is a weighty word. You most likely have your own stories involving the need to forgive or to be forgiven. Many emotions and feelings come to the surface for me when I hear this word and what it means to me. I have had something very personal that I have needed to forgive myself for, pain that I cause loved ones in my life. It has been an emotional weight and a physical one too. Our bodies have a way of speaking our pain for us. Several months ago I was introduced to this particular oil, Forgive. I did not like it. The first time I smelt it, it repulsed me. I quickly put the lid back on the bottle and put the oil away. Even as I type this story to share with you I fear judgement. But we all know that fear is a restrictor. I have learned in my life to walk through the discomfort and be vulnerable anyway. I had a break through a little over a month ago. A very personal one. One in which I found the freedom that comes from forgiveness. I forgave myself for something I never thought I could. I felt light and free and at peace. It was quite the experience. I am so thankful for it. I have had moments when I have to remind myself that I forgave myself and in the moment of doubt, I forgive myself again. A few weeks after my profound experience I reopened the bottle of Forgive, I tried again, and you know what? I inhaled this precious oil and I loved it. I was not expecting this. I sat back and stared at my little bottle of oil and gave thanks. It may be just a little miracle in my life, but it was a beautiful reminder that I was able to let go. I am able to forgive myself and the beautiful lightness of being that comes from truly forgiving yourself or someone else is a miracle. Set yourself free. Do the work and forgive. Freedom will follow. I promise.

doTerra Forgive

Let me know if you have any Qs about essential oils. I am converted. I would love to have you join me on this journey. I wonder what miracles would come to you. 

~Amy xo

Soul Searching Girl is Back! Faith Crisis Journey ~ Ex Mormon

I am so happy to have revived my Soul Searching Girl youtube channel. If you read my last weeks blog you are aware of what I am doing. Well, here is the official vlog announcing more to come.

I feel very strongly that there is work to do. Those of us who have gone through such a "faith crisis" will know what I am talking about.

I am looking forward to exploring all sorts of topics that will help us heal.

Thank you for being here. YOU are not alone.

Make sure you are on my email list. You will find the link on the bottom of my home page. I plan on being around awhile, I hope you will too. 

~Amy xoxo

Emerge ~ Faith Crisis Survivor

Dear Ones, 

I posted this on my social media sites yesterday and I have been blow away by the sweet messages and words of encouragement. A few of you have messaged me privately about your own journey and or doubts. 

I want you to know that you are not alone....

Because it is hard and you may need to reach out privately. This is for you.....

I have been distracted. I have looked away from something that has been calling to me for years. It is time to listen to my intuition, to emerge, so to speak.

Several years ago, 10 to be exact, I experienced a deep, painful, life changing faith crisis. I was raised Mormon and lived a great life as a Mormon. I was on the perfect path. I checked all the Mormon life journey boxes and I was well on my way to the celestial kingdom.

But around 2002/3 I had a nagging, something inside me started to question everything I had been taught. I started to get scared. I pushed those feelings down for years until about 2006. One day, I gave myself permission to follow my intuition and explore my doubts. I started studying. I read and read and cried and cried as I learned what I had been taught all my life was not quite what I thought it was. I remember wanting to die. I wanted the earth to swallow me up. I started to see that my life was going to change drastically.

How could I go on when EVERYONE around me was a member of the church, my husband, mom, siblings, all my friends. I felt alone and I was in huge despair.

For a few years I kept most of my new discoveries inside & quiet. When I tried to talk about my feelings and questions and new discoveries I was given answers like...pray harder, read your scriptures, have more faith it will all work itself out in the next life. I was told I was being deceived by satan. 

I prayed harder. I pleaded with god to let me go back to my old ways of thinking, it would be easier. I couldn't do that. I was having an awakening and there was no going back.

I have lived through it. And now I am here to help others navigate those scary painful days, no matter the faith or religion. You will survive this pain. You will emerge stronger for walking this path of uncertainty.

My Soul Candy stones came from a place of my own personal healing. They are precious to me. I will still be creating my stones and selling them, just no more "sales." (or very few) Just know they come from a deep place of healing. I hope they serve you as healing reminders. You know where to find them and me. Time to emerge and help others navigate this scary path. 

I feel so much clarity about my mission in life, at this time. It is my desire to gather those of us who have felt this pain and share our stories and share our life after a faith crisis triumph. 

You are loved and you are not alone,

Amy xo

Clarity & Soul Work! Soul Searching Girl is back!

I love getting clear about who I am and what I am doing.

How about you? Are there areas in your live where you would like come clarity? Clarity really makes life easier. Don't you think?

This year is my 10 year anniversary of my "crisis of faith." A long journey, but a beautiful one, the good, bad and ugly parts. I am passionate about helping you find your own truth.

I am on a mission to not only have you feel you are worthy but to also help you find your voice. So many of us feel that we have to keep quiet if our opinions differ from those close to us. These feelings may stem from many different parts of our lives, but when you are ready, you will know it is time to find your truth and your voice around that truth. And I am here to help you find both of those things.

Join my Soul Searching Girl Tribe. How you ask? Sign up for my email (my tribe), come to one of my events or one of my life coaching sessions.

I will soon be having a video series of people, just like you, who are ready to get real and honest about YOUR story. Whether you spend time with me one on one or at one of my Art & Soul Days, I will be providing a recording of your story (only with your permission of course) where you speak YOUR words in regards to your story. When we hear the words of others and find out we are not alone in our journey, we become stronger.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Together we are stronger.

~Amy xo

Stand Up, Rise and Shine Your Light! We need YOU.

Today, over on Facebook, I share a few of my thoughts about our current estate of affairs.

I believe we well get through this time of uncertainty. Take a deep breath, feel all the feels you need to and then go and do, and give, and serve, and shine YOUR light. We are here to continue to evolve and grow and we are all at different points along life's journey. I do not know the reason for such hard times, but I do believe we are here to learn how to be better people...

How are you doing? How are you feeling? Share with me, if you will.

Sending love and healing light, your way...

Amy xoxo

Change ~ The Only Constant ~ Amy Logan Life & Art

Fall is my time for refueling and refocusing. How about you? I am adding new and exciting things to my life and offerings here at Soul Candy Co. head quarters.

You will see many changes over the next few months, as I change my website name to AmyLoganLife.com. This will be the central hub for all my passions, art and offerings.

I will still be creating my Soul Candy Stones! How could I not?! I love them so. But I will also be focusing on my healing gifts through my Life Coaching and my DoTerra business.

My whole life I have felt this desire to help heal others. I have not always known what that feeling was inside of me, but it is growing. I want to share with you a video I posted to my Facebook Page, Amy Logan Life & Art. I am speaking from my heart. I hope you will feel the spirit in which I am introducing this new side of me and my business.

I really believe there is something big for me to do in this world. I do not know the exact way this will all play out but I know it is taking a beautiful shape and adding doTerra to my life is the correct path for me.

You have nothing to worry about with me. I will mention doTerra from time to time, but in no way will this be a pushy addition to my life. I do not like pushy. ;)

I invite you to watch and listen with your heart. If joining me in the new adventure is something you are interested in, please let me know. If not, I hope you will stick around for all things Life & Art. I still have my hands in clay and coaching and I am here to lift you up in any way I can.

We are all connected and by lifting one another up we literally change the world.

If you feel a calling to help heal the world and especially if you already have your hands in the holistic side of life, I am looking for you. Are you looking for me? I can't wait to introduce you to some amazing people. And I can't wait to work with you to create a life you have been dreaming of. Let's do this together.

Sending love,

Amy xoxo

2016 ~ The Year of Monthly I Am Collections ~ January, I Am Gratitude

Welcome 2016 in full gratitude. Another year. A year of possibilities and I am thankful.

I am excited to announce my year of monthly of "I Am" collections and I feel January is the perfect month to begin full of gratitude and so I bring you my...



I truly believe that gratitude is the door to abundance. When we are grateful for what we do have, we open ourselves up to even more abundance. This is a philosophy I work I live by, to be grateful with the here and now and with what I have in this moment.

This set (as pictured above) is still in wet clay form. After 2 firing processes, including the glazing process, these pieces will be like the rest of the work you normally see from me, full of color and shine. If you are one of the first people to order this set, through the 25th, you will get to pick all your colors. Just leave the information for me upon check out. This set is on sale for $79 through Monday the 25th. Regular price of $111 after that date.

I love reminders and ask anyone who has been in my house, I surround myself with positive and uplifting reminders. I need them daily. :)

I love creating reminders for you too. I really pour my heart and soul into my work. I want you to feel full of gratitude this month. It will set you up for a year of abundance.

So, if you choose, I would love to make this special set for you.

Click here for the link to this set and let me begin the creation process for you. 

You are worthy. You are enough. You are loved.

And I am grateful for YOU!

Much love and GRATITUDE,

Amy xoxo

2016 ~ Here we come! What is your word of the year? Let me create for you.

It is that time of year....again! Time to ring in 2016!!!

Ohmygosh, weren't we just ringing in 1996? lol Okay, some of you were probably not born then, but still, you get my point, right?! ;)
Time for reflection, dreaming and planning. I love this time of year. I feel such a sense of renewal. I am a big planner. I love filling out schedules and organizing things. I may not be the best at follow through (ha!) but it sure is fun to plan. I was a pro at it during my college years. Scheduling out each semester was my obsession. I love it!
I love to do that for my business and life too. Dream and plan.....BIG.
What is your word for 2016? Have you thought of it yet? Well, it is time to do just that.

I would love to create a few stones for you that symbolize what you want your 2016 to be like. I specialize in creating artful reminders. My Soul Candy stones are perfect to help you remember throughout the year what you dream of and what you want to see accomplished during 2016.

Although, I no longer create just one stone orders, I do have a grouping of 3 "Create Your Own" stones and I have them on sale right now for $30 (reg. $43). That means, you get to create them exactly how you would like them.

I would love to be part of your new years dreams and goals. Help me keep my hands busy this next few weeks creating just for you.

You know, when I am creating your order, it is YOU I focus on. I like to think of you holding your stones as you dream your dreams. I know you and I are a lot a like. We both have our, dreams, insecurities, fears, and desires. We have days when we feel we can conquer the world and other days we don't want to get out of bed and face the day of responsibility that lies ahead. I get it. Me too.

When I am squeezing my clay into little stones for you I infuse them full of blessings and love for you so that when you hold them in your hands you feel that you can do anything you put your mind to. I want you to know that I am in your corner rooting you on.

So what will your words be? The options are endless...

Click here to get started.

Whatever your words are I hope I have the honor to create just for YOU!

You are loved beautiful one, by me.

Here is to embracing 2016 with all we've got. We are in this together and I know we can make all our dreams come true.

Much love,






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